Cloud Circuit

Poetrysound ensemble Cloud Circuit finds inspiration in communication gli//tc;hh()h, brok()n spee?() -eech, and contact lost. Its motors are the grey areas of connection, those lost threads, dropped signals, failures of technology, and outages at the edge of night. In performance, Cloud Circuit’s approach is collaborative and improvisational; its sound composed, dissected, and refracted.

Deanna Radford channels her poetry as deconstructed word events, Jeremy Young plays sine tones in flux and amplified surfaces, and Cloud Circuit’s extended ensemble includes Philippe Vandal on sax and electrons and on occasion, Alexandre St-Onge on bass glitches.

Having shared the stage with David Grubbs, Ora Clementi (crys cole & James Rushford), Christopher Tignor, Flying Hórses, Skin Tone, Alex Zhang Hungtai, Paul Dutton, Lea Bertucci, and others, Cloud Circuit is scheduled to release its debut EP in partnership with Archive Officielle Publications in the electric nights of autumn, 2019.

Deanna Radford
Deconstructed word events

Jeremy Young
Guitar + sine waves

Philippe Vandal
Sax + electrons

Photos: Vi-Photographie (2019)

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